O.S. Consulting provides a full line of IT services including:

Cloud Computing

Our cloud servers are an enterprise-grade, highly-available virtual server offering. They provide a secure, flexible and cost effective computing power you need to manage your business applications like:
✓ Terminal Servers
✓ Web Apps
✓ QuickBooks and many more

Save your time, money, and IT resources by deploying a highly-reliable enterprise-grade cloud server solution backed by a 99.99% uptime. To ensure reliability and timely recovery all our servers are fully-managed by OSC and your data is backed up by the end of each day.

We provide 24/7 technical support, along with a complete server/data migration program to ensure that your transition to the cloud is seamless.

Hosted Exchange

Our integrated email system features email access anywhere/anytime, shared calendars, public folders and much more. Some of the main features of our integrated email system are:

✓ The Smartphone connectivity option integrates with your email, calendar, and contacts anywhere using over-the-air synchronization.

✓ In addition, when you are away from your office, you can use this site (SUPPORT/EMAIL) to access your mail, calendar, tasks and contacts via Outlook Web Access (OWA).

✓ We manage the whole process, 24/7 to ensure maximum uptime for you and your business.

✓ Our network is fully secure and protected by latest firewall technologies, which prevent any unwanted intrusion.

✓ All incoming mail traffic is scanned for any malicious scripts by latest leading anti-spam and anti-virus software.

Daily Monitoring

We provide our clients with a network monitoring service. The service insures that your network (hardware and software) is running optimally. We minimize the downtime by continuously monitoring your network.

Remote Backup

A safe, secure and economical offsite backup solution that will answer the following questions:

✓ Are you sure that your backups are successful?
✓ Is a daily schedule being followed?
✓ Are you tired of changing tapes everyday?
✓ Do you wish you could just have it done and forget it?
✓ Are you running low on storage space for your backups?
✓ Would your business survive a major catastrophe such as fire or flood? Furniture, computers, office space and some data can be replaced.
✓ Can you quickly replace client records, account receivables, employee information, tax records and E-mail messages?
✓ How much would it cost your business if you had to recreate all of your vital data? Would it even be possible?

OSC can now offer you a resonable way to store and maintain all your critical information at an off-site location.

We will provide managed data backup and restore functions on our own servers in a secure, fully redundant and remotely located data center.

Maintenance Agreements

We fully understand that keeping the agreements simple and easy is best for all parties involved. The objective is to eliminate or minimize down time and not refer to a formal contract when productivity is involved.

✓ The maintenance options are in blocks of time, 20, 40 and 80 hours, at reduced hourly rates.
✓ This includes same and next day handling of all workstation, printer and server issues.

We also offer an affordable monthly package that encompasses all the services you select.